How much is enough?

As I get ready to go to the homeschool convention, I am working through my goals for all the girls for next year.  My main goal for Dearie for this coming year is to have her be more independent.   My plan is to give her a list or schedule of what needs to be done and to let her do it.  We will have a meeting everyday for an hour or so, and go over what got done and what didn’t.  We will also do any work that she needs my help with.  My biggest question with this plan is how much to give her to do each day/week/month.  With most subjects she easily could do double the normal amount, but does that mean that she should?  After talking it over with Dh, I think that for most subjects I will schedule a year’s worth of work.  If she finishes early, she can use the time to read/study whatever she wants.   She will probably learn more on her own than with using a curriculum anyway.  Thats just the kind of kid she is.


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