Five jobs

I have five jobs.  If I do them all well, then life flows smoothly around here.  However, I can only seem to get two or three of them done on any given day.  Here are the jobs, and what I want to get accomplished in each one today.

Laundry — Two loads.  Washed, Dried, and put away.

Dishes — Two loads run through the dishwasher, and counters cleared off.

Cooking — Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner prepared from scratch. 

———Breakfast – Roll-ups

———Lunch – Chicken Salad

———Snack – Smoothies

———Dinner – Chili over potatoes

Cleaning–Pick up clutter on main floor.

———clean downstairs bathroom.

School — Work on school schedule.

——–check out package that is due today.

Doesn’t seem like too much does it?  Oh, don’t forget child care, you know solving problems, finding things, breaking up fights.  All those things that make everything else take twice as long as it should.  We’ll see how it goes today.


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