Dh (Dear Husband) had outpatient surgery yesterday.  He had a cyst on his tailbone.  It was so bad that he couldn’t sit for very long.  It was very irritating to him.  So much so, that we went to the ER Wed. night.  They gave him antibiotics and a referral to a surgeon.  The surgeon removed the cyst yesterday.  It didn’t sound too bad until I found out that they were not going to close up the wound.  They packed it with gauze and sent him home with instructions for me to replace the gauze everyday.  I usually don’t mind such things, but pushing gauze down into the wound was not fun (for either of us). 

Hopefully he will be able to go to work on Mon.  He has been doing some from home today and talking to the guys at work a lot.  It is easier to just be there though.


One Response to “Surgery”

  1. Michele@Philoxenos Says:

    Found you from your post on the SL forums 🙂 I’m Kiwikouple.

    They just left a hole in his back?? Yuck!! The reminds me when I had a c-section and they had a drain thing sticking out of my tummy and I was like, uh, there is a whole in my stomach that leads to my uterus. gross!

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