I caved!

The girls have been begging to start school.  Dearie keeps saying, “I WANT to start school!”  What’s a mom to do?  I gave in today and gave her the schedule for the first 12 weeks of school.  What was the first subject that she did you ask?  Well, it wasn’t math or Language arts, or even her readers.  Nope, it was art.  Sigh.  But after doing art, she did do Language Arts.   I am not going to start requiring any work until next week.  So, anything done this week will just put her that much ahead.  

Kiddo, did some math.  She wanted to do more, but cleaning my desk off was a higher priority.  At lest she likes to do school.  Both Kiddo and Honey did a page of art too.  At least I know everyone’s favorite part of school!

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