Mind Games

Last year, by the end of the year we were doing double time on core 2 (Sonlight history) just to finish before the end of the year.  We had gotten so far behind were I wanted to be.  It wasn’t hard to catch up, but it would have been easier not to get behind.  This year I am taking a different approach.  I have started letting the girls do some schoolwork, but I have not started the school calander yet.  When we start the year (in a couple of weeks) we should already be about a week ahead!  I know that it is just mind games, but hey, if it keeps us on track who cares.

This week the girls have each done about one day’s worth of scheduled work.  Next week I plan to have them do at least 1/2 a day’s work every day and then we should be ready to ramp up to a full day’s work every day.  By the time we officially start our school year, we will be a week or more into the schedule.  That will be cool!


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