Greater Than and Less Than

Honey was working on math today.  I showed her how to make the greater than and less than symbols.  She got it right away.  Then she went on to do a little “puppet show” (thats what she called it, she really just pointed at the numers as she made them talk). 

6 says, “I’m bigger than you”

2 says, “but I’m better than you, 2 twos is 4. ”

6 says “thats not bigger than 6”

2 says, “but 4+4 is 8. HA HA.”

Of course she had sqeeky voices to go along with it.  I was kind of surprised that she would come up with the adding thing.  We had just gone over adding on the number line, and she either didn’t like it or didn’t get it.  It is hard to tell.  Maybe she is just frustrated that we have backed up so far.  (She does know many facts by roat, but I wonder about her true understanding.)  I may have to start jumping her ahead to find the level where she is.

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