Sticker Books

This morning the girls all made little books out of construction paper.  I wrote their names on the cover, and told them that they could have a sticker for every workbook page that they did.  They also get stickers for reading and other schoolwork.  As soon as the books were done, they were all trying to do schoolwork so that they could have more stickers.  Honey picked up her book and started reading.  She is trying to read Captain Underpants.  I don’t really like the book, but if it helps her gain fluency, then I’m not going to complain.  She re-read the page that she read yesterday, and read the next page.  She has heard the story, and I know that she was trying to remember as much as she was trying to read, but whatever…it seems to be working.

Kiddo also wanted to do schoolwork.  She did about five pages of math, not a real big deal for her.  She did surprise me though.  She was doing simple addition.  2+3  and 8+2.   When she got to 7+1+2, she gave the answer instantly.  She did not even have to think or figure. (Remember, she is only 4 years old.)   She knows 8+2, so I think that she did 7+1=8  +2=10.   She had to think long and hard about 5+3 though.   Even though she did it about 4 times, she still did not just ‘know’ it.   Sometimes I wish I could hear what she is thinking.

Dearie also made a sticker book.  She did two days worth of copywork right away and earned two stickers.  Then she decided that if something was on her schedule, she should get a sticker for it.  I agreed.  Then she went and did art and earned another sticker.    I really shouldn’t knock art though, she is learning a lot by doing it.  Monday she made self-hardening dough.  She measured everything and mixed it all up herself.  Yesterday she made a pinch pot, and today she made necklaces.  She is learning independence if nothing else.  (Though if I wanted to I could say that this week during art she worked on reading (directions), measuring, patterns (that she made in her necklace), science (mixtures), patience (waiting for her creations to dry), history (copying historical designs for necklaces and pots), cooperation (letting Honey help her make necklaces), and a lot of other things I’m sure.  We are not un-schoolers though, so I will just call it art.)

Dora (our neighbor who is Dearie’s age) is here today, so we are not doing much school today.  Only enough for the girls to get some stickers.   There is a fun story behind Dora’s name.  Her real name is the same as Dearie’s real name.  So the girls would always add ‘next door’ to her name to tell them apart.  Kiddo was only about 3yo at the time and she would say ‘next doora.’  She even called her Dora for a while, but Dora HATED it, so it did not last very long.  So I guess she will only be Dora here.  (Don’t tell her, O.K.)


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