Kiddo’s new build-a-bear is a bunny named Sparkle.  She carries that thing everywhere!  Sparkle is even learning to read!  When it is time for Kiddo to read, she brings Sparkle and does all of the reading in Sparkle’s voice.  When Sparkle makes a mistake, Kiddo is the one to correct her.  It is so cute. 

All of the girls have gone through this stage.  I remember Honey teaching her Polly Pockets to read.  It is fun for them, but they still get the practice that they need. 

Honey is doing a lot better at reading these days, the Vision therapy is really helping.  I can’t wait for the day that she picks up a book and reads it (instead of just looking at the pictures like she does now).  I know that she will get there, some days it is just hard to be patient.

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