I got a letter yesterday that said that the Science curriculum that I had picked out for Dearie won’t be published until next year.  Now what?  I need to find something else, quick!

I think that I will go with Apologia General Science.  It is written for 7th graders, and Dearie is only 8, but she is not a normal 8yo.  I think that it could work.  If we go with an age/grade appropiate science, it will be review.  All of it will be review.  If we go with a 5th-6th grade science, it will be mostly review.  (That is what the science that I had picked was going to be.)  If we go with Apologia, it will be new material.  It will be hard for her, but she will learn something new.  The most difficult part will be the amount of written work expected of her.  I will be able to have her do some of it orally, but she will still have to what will seem to her as a mountain of written work.  I don’t think that the content will be too much at all.  If we slow it down some, it might make the written work more doable.

I need to order it today, we are already three weeks into school.   We will take some time off this fall, so we wanted to get an early start.  The program that we won’t be getting was only a 3 day a week program.  Apologia is a 5 day a week program.  I don’t think that we will be able to get it done this year, but that doesn’t really matter.  It only matters that she learn something new!


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