More about Dearie’s Science

Even though I have already ordered the Apologia Science for Dearie, I haven’t felt right about it all week.  How am I going to schedule it?  If I tell her to do one thing on the guide each day, some days will take her forever to do and she will shut down on me and it will be a bad thing.  If I tell her to do as much as she wants each day she will quit doing it after the first couple of days, because the first couple of chapters really are difficult.   I need to have something on her schedule to keep her going through the tough parts. 

After much prayer on the subject, the answer finally came to me this evening.  It is nothing profound.  I have even used this solution before.  It is to simply require a certain amount of time spent on Science each day.  I think that I will ask her to work on Science for 30 min. three times a week.  During each session, she will work on the next thing in her Science schedule (I ordered the Instructor’s Guide with a schedule from Sonlight).   It is such a simple solution, why didn’t I think of it before.

I use this with Kiddo right now for both her math and english workbooks.  I don’t really have a set time, but when she starts to get frustrated or bored with it we quit.  I never quit if she is throwing a fit though, I don’t want her to think that a bad attitude will get her out of something that she doesn’t want to do.  I try to quit before we get to that point.  I am pretty good at reading her, so I tend to quit when she starts to get squirmy. 

Dearie is also familiar with the ‘work for a certain amount of time’ idea.  She takes a timer with her when she does PE.  She has a different assignment each day, and she will take her timer and say swing for 15 min, or she will jump on the trampoline for 15min.  Not every assignment has a time aspect to it, but enough of them do that she is used to the timer.



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