The Apologia Science seems to be working!

Dearie is only two days into her new science program, but she has done well those two days.  I have made these concessions for her (since she is eight instead of twelve years old).  The first one is that I started her in the middle of the book.  Everyone says that the first few units are the hardest and so I started her on life sciences (which is her speciality anyway).  I am also allowing her to do the study guide orally instead of writing it out.  And the last thing, I am not having her write out definition to the vocabulary words.  She is an auditory learner anyway, so I am having her just read them out loud every day (three time).

She is studying DNA, and yesterday she made a modle of DNA.  She spent way more than her 30min. on it, but she was having fun so she chose to.  Today she gets to start her first real expieriment.  I hope that it goes well.

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