Piano lessons for Gifted Kids

Dearie and Honey take piano lessons.  Dearie takes them so that she can learn that it is OK to make mistakes.  That it is OK to have to practice.  That not everything you do comes out right the first time you try it.  It has been a hard lesson for her.  All of her other subjects are easier for her. 

Honey takes piano lessons because she is good at music (and art).  She is really picking it up fast.  Her teacher noticed this week and commented on how easy she is to teach.  She has never had the “everything is easy” expierence, so working at piano is not something new for her.   Sometimes I think that her vision problems have given her a great gift.  (The gift of having to work at something in order to understand it.)   She is a very bright child (gifted maybe?), but even a bright child will have trouble when she is seeing double part of the time.

Our piano teacher is a real gem.  The second or third lesson she had with Dearie, Dearie melted down on her.  (Dearie was sure that Mrs. D, the piano book, and her mother were all wrong and that she was right.) Not a pleasant thing.  I made Dearie write a letter of apology, and the next week went a little better.  Mrs. D has been great.  She had never worked with a child like Dearie before, but she figured out how to do it.  Honey, on the other hand, has no problem being told that she made a mistake.  That makes it easier for Mrs. D.



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