I didn’t think that this would happen so soon!

I knew it would happen.  It was bound to.  It happens to everyone. 

I knew it would happen when Dearie was little.  She loved to ask questions.  She would actually listen to the answers.  She loves to learn new things.  I knew the day would come when she would start asking questions that I didn’t know the answers to, but I didn’t think that it would come so soon.  She is only eight, and she has stumped me several times this month.  I guess that it is here.  I can’t answer all of her questions anymore.  😦

Here are some of the questions that have stumped me.  (Tell me if you would do any better than I did.)

“Mom, what is the first dimension?”  She went on to tell me the second and third and forth, but wondered what the first one was.  I took high school geometry, I should know this, but I couldn’t remember.  I told her it was either a point or a line, but I couldn’t remember which.

“Mom, what do lymph nodes do?”  I told her that they were part of the immune system, but I really didn’t know what they did.  She went on to tell me what they did.  I learned something from her!  She knew more than I did, but still wanted to know more?

There have also been a lot of political questions lately.  She is trying to understand the political process as the election nears.  I haven’t been able to answer her political questions for quite a while now.

So it has happend!  My eight year old asks serious questions that I don’t know the answers to.



Edit: I went and looked up dimensions just in case you were wondering (I was).  The first dimension is a line.  A point is in the zero dimension.



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