Learning is work!

We have been doing school for over a month now, and the new has worn off for all of the girls.  Dearie had to write a report last week for LA.  She refused to even try without help.  She got through it, but it was not easy for her.  Her report on rabbits was pretty good for a ‘very first report’.   The new has also worn off of science.  She is still doing well, but now she saves it for last every day.   Bible Bowl has started and I think that she is still liking that.  She has already memorized a lot of the questions and answers.

Honey is hating Click N Read now.  She is out of the review stage, and I make her do each lesson two or three times.  (They give a report on how she is doing after each lesson, and it usually takes two or three times through for her to really get it.)  She also hates copy work.  Even the lure of drawing a picture to go with the story is not enough to get her to want to do it now.  She is still doing it, just not liking it.

Kiddo is reaching a wall in math.  She is just not really getting it.  Adding three numbers at a time and mixing up the equations so that the problems read like 3 + ____ + 4 = 9.  She is just not ready for these kind of problems yet.  I am thinking of switching her back to Singapore math for a while, and putting Miquion on hold until she is ready.   (The only problem is that we moved away from Singapore when she hit a wall there.  I don’t know if she is ready to go past that one or not.)  Maybe we will just play math games for a while.

When we decided to homeschool, one of my main goals was for my kids to always be learning something new.  This can be difficult for gifted kids in school as the already know so much of what is being taught.  I wanted them to have to work at learning.  I didn’t want them to just skate through school, because then when they finally reach a point (?college?) when they have to actually study and learn they are lost.

Well, I have my wish.  All of my kids are having to work at learning.  It would be easier to just let them skate.


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