Power outages

Well, we got hit by Ike.  Ohio doesn’t get hit by hurricanes very often, but we did this time.  60 to 70 mph winds really took their toll.  Power was out all over the area.  Ours went out Sunday afternoon, and came back on late Mon. morning.  Our neighbor’s power is still out.  (We have an extension cord running from our house to theirs.)  The power company says that it will be the end of the week before everyone is back on. 

Being without power is an interesting thing.  We have enough food on hand, and a grill so that was not a problem, but it does change your routine.  Even I had to spend a little longer cooking, even though I usually cook everything from scratch.  Using the grill outside, just takes a little longer.

The hardest part for me was that our phone went out after the power came back on.  That meant no Internet.  I am addicted to the Internet.  I admit it.  I really need to work on that one.  I spend way to much time just sitting around reading stuff on the Internet.  When it was out I read 4 books in three days.  Unfortunately for me, the Internet is like eating.  You have to some, but to much is bad.  I guess I am going on an Internet diet.


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