Trip to the ER

Yep! I had to take Kiddo to the ER today.  Not fun! 

She woke up at 6:30 wheezing pretty bad.  I gave her some med. and had her sit with me until it was time to get up.  Then I called the doc at 8:00am and they got us in by 8:30am.  They were amazing.  They gave her two breathing treatments, and sent us home with 5 (yes 5) prescriptions.  I went straight to the drug store and filled them and then went home and gave Kiddo the steroids that the Dr. had prescribed.  Her breathing kept getting worse.  It was still two hours until I could give her another breathing treatment, so I called the Dr and she said to take her in.  We got to the ER around noon.  They gave her two more breathing treatments, and said that getting the steroids into her so quickly really helped.  So around 3:30pm they sent us home with instructions to continue the meds that Kiddo’s doctor had prescribed. 

She is now asleep on the couch.  I hope that we won’t have to go back.


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