More thoughts on our visit to the ER.

The doctor at the ER told me over and over what a good thing it was that I gave Kiddo her steroid before coming in.  I really didn’t understand why this would be such a difficult thing.  When the doctor prescribes medicine, I get it and give it to my kids.  We went straight from the Dr.’s office, to the pharmacy and waited for them to fill the prescriptions.  Then we went home and I gave the steroid to Kiddo.  (It wasn’t time for the others yet.)  It just didn’t seem like a big deal.

But then I was talking to Dearie about it last night at dinner.  I realized that if we had gone home for breakfast first, (we didn’t even have time to eat breakfast before going to the Dr.) or even dropped off the prescriptions to be picked up later, Kiddo would not have had that med before going to the ER.  So, I can now see how a child might not get the meds in every case.

The other thing that the ER doctors said that made me think was the old “I wouldn’t trust every parent to take their child home, but I can see that she will be OK with you.”  I am so far from perfect.  What would make a doctor say something like that to me (and my friends have reported having the same thing said to them).  I guess that it goes with having a semi-well behaved child, asking questions about the treatment being given, and knowing and being able to report what treatment has already been given.  I would hope that being well dressed and well spoken does not play into it, but I bet it does.  I would also suppose that reading to your child while waiting doesn’t hurt.   I just wonder what a person that the doctor would not trust would look like?

Kiddo is doing better today.  She still needs Albuteral every four hours (or even a little less), but in-between doses she is happy and bouncy.  🙂  I am hoping that the second dose of steriods will really turn her around and we will see a complete recovery soon.

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