Dearie’s First Beginner Bible Bowl Competition!

Yesterday was Dearie’s First Beginner Bible Bowl Competition.  She is playing with one of the best players in the country.  (Miss E and Bob placed 5th in national competition last year.)  Miss E is the star of the show.  She buzzes in before questions are even finished.  She knows all of the quotes, and is an overall great player.  I think that this can be a great thing for Dearie.  She really needs to learn how to not always be the best and the smartest, and this is a great way to do it. 

Their team (Dearie, Miss E, Bob, and Carrie) took first place.  Before the team competitions there is an individual test given.  Dearie placed 6th with a score of 76 out of 100, Bob placed 2nd with a score of 95, and Miss E took first with a score of 99.  Carrie did not make the top 10.  I really hope that after being at a game she will know more of what to expect and will do better next month.   I think that Dearie will be working harder on the quotations this month.  She knew all of the answer to all of the questions, but she had given up on the quotations.  (Some of the quotations are the same from last year and will be the same next year.  This makes it easier each year.) 

I could see that Dearie was getting a little discouraged at not being able to beat Miss E on the buzzers, but I keep telling her that if she ever gets better than Miss E she will be beating one of the best in the country.  Miss E’s mom knows that Miss E is not easy to play with.  She is trying to keep the other players from being discouraged, but she does not want Miss E doing less than her best (and neither would I).  She has told Miss E not to buzz in on rebounds unless no one else on her team knows the answer.  Miss E is also holding back on some of the bonuses, only helping the team when they need it. 

Dearie does have the advantage of being the youngest on the team.  (She is third, the others are 4th and 5th grades.)  This means that in a couple of years, she will be the oldest on her team (and Miss E won’t be there), I think that she will have at least one year of being the best on her team.  If she lasts that long….


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