Family Camp!

We spent a week at Life Action’s Family Camp last week.  It was GREAT!  Relaxing, fun, and renewing.  We got to do fun things like canoeing, ping pong, fuse-ball, air hockey, biking, family games, mud slides (only the kids did that one), hay rides, carpet ball, bouncy castle, face painting, chutes and ladders on a life size board (you use your body as the game piece), and playing in the sand.  There were also classes for the kids (similar to VBS) and speakers for the grown-ups. 

We would wake up and get ready for breakfast, then head down to the lodge for breakfast.  (Even though Dearie and Kiddo have a lot of food allergies, they could eat A LOT of the food that was prepared at camp.  I took along a few things to substitute for the things that they could not eat.)    After breakfast we would often play a game at the lodge (they had a cabinet full of board games), then we would go to the Tabernacle (I used to think that was a funny word to use for a chapel kind of place, but I got used to it) for worship time.  There was a praise and worship session, and then the kids would go to their classes (little buildings behind the Tabernacle) and the adults would listen to a speaker.  Mostly he spoke on parenting and marriage issues.  When the chapel time was over, we would pick up the kids and see what kind of family games they were having that day.  Then it would be time for lunch.  After lunch was another family game time (optional) and free time until dinner.  Then after dinner was another chapel time with classes for the kids, and then back to the lodge for a snack (we often skipped this as it would be 9:00pm before snack even began and the girls needed to be in bed). 

There were a couple of days where they mixed up the schedule, but mostly that is how it went.  Wed. is date night (or date day for Fall Family camp) where the parents are served a fancy meal and given free time while the kids spend the afternoon on a hayride and hike and doing fun things in their classes.  I can’t wait to go back next year!


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