Science Update

Dearie took her second test in Apologia’s General Science today.  Since we started in the middle, this test was over module 10.  She got a 90% on this one.  She missed two questions, one because she started to write one thing, changed her mind and finished the second thought.  Together the parts made a wrong answer.  The other thing she missed she had truly forgotten the answer to.  This is more of what I expected.  I had her type up the answers on the computer instead of writing them.  She liked typing. 

I e-mailed the author of the book and asked about what to do to make this program work for her.  He said not to worry about the write-ups until she reaches the high school level books.  I am having her write up one or two each module, but I let her use a copy machine to copy whatever has already been written (supply list, procedure, and so on).  This has reduced the amount of handwriting and she seems to be enjoying science more.

I am now confident that I have chosen the right level for her.  Last week I started to think that this was an awful easy course for being a 7th grade course.   No one else (and I have read a lot of opinions on Apologia) has ever said that Apologia is an easy course, and there is no way that it is written on a third grade level.  It is just that it is going well and we have hit a groove.  I am glad that we ended up using Apologia.   General Science is a perfect mix of review of old material and introducing brand new material.  I am glad that I didn’t let anyone talk me into going with a lower grade level course.


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