To Test or Not To Test

Dearie is a gifted child, I have no doubt about that.  I do sometimes wonder how gifted she is though.  I have thought about having her tested, but it is very expensive, and I wonder how much info we would really get.  Would it really tell us more than we already know?  Even if we do get more info, how would it change the way we do things?  In reality, probably not much.  It might help me to decide to compact her math or LA a bit more, but we already cater to her abilities A LOT.   Even with all of the negatives, I think that we probably will have her tested.

On the other hand, I have found another option that is a fraction of the cost of regular testing and would give us a lot of the same information.  We could have her take the EXPLORE test.  It is a standardized test designed for 8th graders.  There is a program that allows gifted students to take this test.  They have to meet certain qualifications,  so that the children are not overwhelmed by the test.  The information that I have been reading says that kids who qualify to take the test in 3rd-6th grades actually do better on the test than average 8th graders. 

Another benefit to the program is that she will get on the mailing lists of all of the gifted and talented programs that she qualifies for.  I know that there is a lot more stuff out there than I know about, and this would be an easy way to find out what it is.  (There is even some summer classes for gifted kids at a local college.)   I think that this may be a good thing for Dearie this year.



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