Drilling doubles

To help Honey learn her doubles (8+8, 9+9, 7+7) we played a fun game today.  I took an old egg carton and wrote the numbers 1-9 (used the upper numbers more than once) in the bottom of each spot.  Then we were ready.  First I rolled two dice and added them together and counted out that number of beans.  Then we put the beans in the egg carton and shut the lid and shook it up good.  Then we opened the lid and for every number that had a bean on it, I had to add it to itself.  Honey decided that I had to make some mistakes or it wouldn’t be fair.  I said OK, but if I make a mistake, you have to catch it or I get to keep the beans.  If I got the answer right, I kept the bean, if it was wrong we through it out.  I added up my beans at the end and that was my score for my turn.  Then Honey took her turn. 

She had a blast with this one.  There was enough chance in it to keep it fun (the dice deciding the number of beans) but there was also a lot of math in it (adding up dice, doubling numbers).   We will play this one again.


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