We have a great piano teacher.

Mrs. D is a great piano teacher for us.  When she first came, I wondered if she would work out because she wore hearing aids and often missed some of what Dearie was trying to say.  They figured it out though.  On the second or third week of piano lessons, Dearie threw a fit.  She got mad because she did something and Mrs. D told her that she was wrong and showed her in the book her mistake.  Dearie was just sure that the book, Mrs. D and I were all wrong and that she was right.   She was so upset that she refused to finish the lesson.  I was not sure what Mrs. D thought about all of it.  I hoped that she would not give up on Dearie.  The biggest problem was that Dearie had not had many opportunities to be wrong (one of the down sides of being a gifted child)  and did not know how to handle it.  I had her write a letter apologizing to Mrs. D, and the next week it took a few minutes to get her started again, but after that Mrs. D and Dearie have had a great relationship.  Dearie now seems to know that Mrs. D is on her side.

A few weeks ago we had another problem with piano.  I think that the real problem was that Dearie had not been practicing very much (once or twice a week for a few min.)  and all of the sudden (or so it seemed) the book was way ahead of where she was.  She had been able to fake it for a while, but now it had caught up with her.   After we got over the discipline issues (she was refusing to practice) Mrs. D helped us figure out what to do.  We switched books (and backed up in difficulty a little) and now things are going along pretty well.  Dearie has not been complaining, but she has said that piano is hard.  (That is why she is in piano, to expierence something that does not come naturally to her.) 

Mrs. D called a couple of days ago and asked to take Dearie out to lunch.  They seemed to have a great time.  When Dearie got back she had a sheet of blank music paper with her.  She has an assignment to write a song.  She has been picking out songs that she knows and writing them down for a while, so I think that this is perfect for her.  It will give her a chance to really show off what she knows. 

Mrs. D has been a great thing for our family.  I’m so glad that God sent her to us.


2 Responses to “We have a great piano teacher.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I don’t know if you will see this, but we have a great piano teacher in the area. She will not take students till they are five, so we wait.

  2. hnracademy Says:

    Five is actually pretty early. My teacher really wants them to be at least seven (and reading well). I find piano a challenge. The girls don’t like having to work at it, and I don’t like making them, but that is why we signed up so work at it they will.

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