Why no names or pictures of the kids?

I know people often wonder why we don’t do pictures of the kids on-line, or why I don’t use their real names.  The best way to explain it is to tell a story.

When I was a kid, we wore seat belts.  We wore them ALL of the time.  This doesn’t seem like a big deal now, but then, most people did not wear seat belts.  People just didn’t know how much they could help.  Why were we different?  My dad did a lot of driving for the company that he worked for.  The company was very concerned about safety and they made their drivers watch safety videos on a regular basis.  The company made sure that my dad DID know how much difference a seat-belt could make.  That knowledge was rubbed off on us and we wore seat-belts too.  Now, I know that a lot of people who never wore seat-belts came to no harm.  They were never in an accident and they were never hurt.  It really wouldn’t have mattered if they wore seat-belts or not, but those who were in accidents were either thankful for wearing a seat-belt or regretful that they didn’t. 

So what does this have to do with pictures on the Internet.  My dh now works for a company who is interested in safety.  Internet safety.  They make sure that he sees all of the Internet safety videos.  They make sure that he knows all of the bad things that can happen.  Will those bad things happen?  Probably not, but we have decided that our family would rather be grateful for being careful on the Internet than be regretful that we shared too much.

2 Responses to “Why no names or pictures of the kids?”

  1. Kelly Says:

    And this is the same reason that we don’t do sleepovers. I know that they can be fun…and nothing bad will most likely happen…but!!! I have heard too many stories of people being introduced to harmful things or have been molested at sleepovers. I figure, if my kids don’t go when they are little, then they won’t expect to go when they are older. Maybe my thinking is warped…but there u have it…and it all goes back to seat belts…who knew.

  2. hnracademy Says:

    Who knew? LOL

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