What the kids do in their free time.

The girls have been working on their things for the Christmas Kids sale.  Every year our homeschool group hosts a sale where the kids make things and sell them.  The girls are very excited and have been working very hard.  They are making rice bags (for the microwave or freezer) and pillows.  They are turning out better than I thought that they would.  Kiddo made the pillows in the middle of the picture. 




Dearie made this pattern.



Honey made this one.




And this is Kiddo’s own creation.  We had some beans around for a math game and she turned them into patterns.



The triangle was done by Honey and the Octagon by Dearie.




And one more by Kiddo.  (That’s a 4-sided die in the middle.)



I always take pictures of their creations, because it is cheaper than storing what they made forever!


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