School or Life?

Yesterday was one of those days were we skipped school, or did we?  We played the estimating game at breakfast, so Honey got to practice counting.  Dearie did a lot of practicing Bible Bowl.  Everyone worked on their kids sale projects.  Everyone helped to clean house.  Dearie and Honey and even Kiddo practiced the piano.  (No, Kiddo is not taking lessons yet, but she does know a few songs out of the first book and loves to ‘practice’ them.)  Everyone watched the first part of a NOVA video about building a bridge over the Mississippi.  (We’ll watch the rest today.) 

So lets see, we did:



Home Ec (Cleaning)

Art (Sewing, or is that part of home Ec?)



Maybe it wasn’t such a bad day afterall.  At least I got the house clean.


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