I think I know…

On the way home from Bible Bowl, Dearie said to me, “Mom, I think I know why Josi acts the way she does.  I think that she is autistic.” I said, “No Dearie, Josi is blind, that is why she acts the way she does.”  After Josi buzzes in, her coach says her name so that she knows that she was the one who buzzed.  (The buzzers light up so that the other kids can tell, but Josi can’t see the light.)   She does have a lot of behaviors in common with the people we know who are autistic:  never making eye contact, talking loudly, moving a lot…   Dearie thought that her coach was keeping her on task by saying her name. 

Its interesting how Dearie reacted to Josi.  She was not rude or mean in any way, just wanted to know why.  Guessing autism  is not too surprising either, she knows and has had a lot of contact with two people who are autistic, and she knows several more who are on the autistic spectrum.  Kinda sad that autism is the first thing her brain jumps to…


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