A fun Christmas Tradition.

We have a fun Christmas Tradition around here.  It started a few years ago when I had no idea what Dearie wanted for Christmas, so I told her to write a letter to Santa.  The problem was that she wanted to send it to him.  Quick on my feet as I am (NOT), I told her that if she put it in her stocking, Santa would get it and write back.  So around here, the weeks before Christmas are filled with letters going back and forth to Santa. 

This year Kiddo remembered the tradition.  She wrote a letter to Santa and then insisted that we hang up the stockings so that she could send it.  The funniest thing is that she is asking Santa for the same things that she did last year.  (A pedometer and a Teddy Bear.  She did add a candy cane and paper doll book to the list this year.  She is pretty easy to please.) 

Honey got into the act yesterday too.  She asked for a lighty lizard.  She loved her old one, but it fell apart and goo started oozing out.  She cried and cried when Dh threw it out, but it had to go.  I found one on-line, but Santa wrote back and said that he hasn’t seen one in a long,  long, time.  I hope that she will be surprised.

Dearie is not writing any letters this year.  She is helping me put her sisters letters in their stockings though.  All of the girls know that Santa is not real, but he is a fun thing to pretend.  We all love playing the Santa game this time of year. 

A four year old told Kiddo that Santa was not real the other day.  She said that your parents fill your stockings.  I said that’s true, but its fun to pretend its Santa.  Kiddo looked a little disappointed until I said the pretend part.  She knows that it is a game, but she loves doing the Santa thing.


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