Another strange Christmas Tradition.

Today we put the tree up, (tomorrow we will but the lights on and the ornaments the day after).  When I went to get the box, the girls ran to get the stickers.  Yup, you read that right stickers.  What, you may ask do stickers have to do with putting up a Christmas Tree?  Well, many years ago, I gave Dearie stickers to keep her happy while I put up the tree.  Now, the girls all think that the tree cannot be put up if they don’t add stickers to the Christmas Tree Box.  I told you that it was a strange tradition.


One Response to “Another strange Christmas Tradition.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    One day when your kids are adults and they are doing this with their children, they will ask you, “Why did we always do this?” It’ll be funny when you answer that you were just trying to keep them busy.

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