Thoughts on math.

I have been really impressed with Honey’s math ability lately.  This is the kid who scored 99% on math on her standardized test last year, but can’t add 3+4.  It seems she gets the concepts, but hasn’t memorized any of the facts yet.  (We are working on that and she now seems to have the doubles down.)  I gave her a worksheet yesterday with pictures and numbers on it.  It showed 3 aliens and 4 aliens and asked her to add 3+4.  I asked her to do as many as she could without counting.  She surprised me by saying ,”3+3 is six and 4+4 is eight; six, seven, eight… it must be seven.”  I’ve tried to show her these tricks before, but she would just get frustrated, now that she figured it out herself she likes it.  She figured out a couple more this way, and she figured out 3+5 because she had just counted 3+6 and knew that 3+5 would be one less.  Maybe she will get this math thing after all.


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