Broken Arm!

We have another broken arm in the family.  Not mine this time.  Dh slipped on the ice and landed on his wrist.  He called me from the car and said that he was going to Urgent Care.  I wanted to go help him, but the van doesn’t have any of the kids seats in it right now (it has an extra bed in it right now, wonder whose going to help me get that out on Christmas day?)  so I couldn’t just load up the kids and go get him.  He made it to Urgent Care OK, and then the neighbor took me up there (and watched the kids) so that I could drive him home.  He is doing OK, but its not going to be a fun month. 

The Urgent care said that the outer bone (I don’t remember its name) has a fracture in it.  They put a temporary cast on in and said to see an orthopedic as soon as possible.  We will call the one I used tomorrow, but I bet that he won’t get in until after Christmas.  His cast goes up farther on his arm than mine did.  They don’t want him twisting his arm as well as not bending it.


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