They know about the Wii!

We decided to not really “give” the Wii to the girls.  We didn’t want them to think that they were “in charge” of it because it belonged to them.  So instead of doing anything with the Wii, Dh gave me a WiiFit.  (Then they knew about the Wii and knew that they could play it.) It has been going ALL DAY!   I am really enjoying it (when I can get a chance to play!)  I can’t wait for bedtime!


We had several family members over for dinner and it was quite a spread (if I do say so myself). 


We get to do it all over again tomorrow, only tomorrow we will have roast instead of turkey and I will have to take dh to the orthopedic  right before lunch.  That should be interesting .  (Good thing I’m doing the roast in the crock pot!)  I’ll be glad when the Christmas season is over.  As much as I enjoy it, it is rather stressful.

3 Responses to “They know about the Wii!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I love watching people doing the hula hoop. It is hilarious to watch. We played with Kelly’s before sending it off to her. She said we could so that she was sure it worked. I’m sure it will bring lots of laughs and fun over the next few weeks, until it is more a normal thing. Have fun. (by the way, I would highly recommend wii music- it has been greatly enjoyed here.)

  2. kelly Says:

    So how old are you? I’m sure you will find it interesting that today…I was 39 and two days ago 43. Enjoy!!!

  3. hnracademy Says:

    Two days ago I was 50, today I was 37 (younger than I really am!). Dearie woke up with Wii shoulder today (she strained it). The first thing Honey said was, “Can I be first on the Wii?” The first thing Dearie said was, “I’m not playing the Wii again for 5 weeks.” (Guess who changed her mind already?)

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