Sometimes I do.

Kiddo was playing the Wii yesterday when it asked her if she tripped when she walked.  (Dearie was reading the dialog to her.)   She thought for a moment and answered, “Sometimes I do.” 

We are doing “a little bit” of school everyday this week.  (Well, maybe not New Years Day.)  Yesterday I told Kiddo that she would get to do Math and Explode the Code (her phonics book) first.  She said, “Cool.”  She really does like to do school.  She seems to be the kind of kid that needs something to think about.  She did Explode the Code (ETC) and then spent the rest of “school” playing a math game on the computer.  The rest of the day she was making up math problems and obviously thinking about math.  She was also better behaved yesterday than the rest of the week, probably a combination of Christmas being over and having something to think about.  I’ll have to remember this.


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