Chutes and Ladders.

We are not doing a lot of school this week, but we are doing some, mostly to give everyone something to do.  For math, Honey is still playing math games.  Today, I had her do a math worksheet.  She did great.  It is getting easier for her.  I think that I will introduce double digit addition again soon.  For the rest of math time we played Chutes and Ladders.  I like using it for math because the game is long enough even if we use dice that give us big numbers.   Here are several ways to play it.

Use a 10 sided die.  (0 to 9) Double the number shown on the die and move that many spaces.

Use a 4 sided die and a 6 sided die that only goes from 2 to 5 (from some game we have, it has 2 threes, 2 fours, a two and a five )

Use 8 sided die and 4 sided die

Use flash cards.  Pick a card, answer it, and move that many spaces.


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