Back to our crazy schedule.

I was so hoping that when January got here, things would settle down and we could get into a routine.  But no, it’s not to be.  This week we have so far: a doctor’s appointment, co-op (food), piano lessons, Bible Bowl, and a play date scheduled.  Some of these things are worked into our schedule because they happen every week, but most are not.  So much for getting back on schedule.  I think that maybe my children will be doing school all over town this week.

Things that can be done in the car (or waiting room, or at co-op, or anywhere else):

Dearie: Bible Bowl (going over text), English (Life Pac) and Math (if I have time to figure out what she should be working on next)

Honey: Math (a worksheet or two) and Reading/Writing (she could write in her new journal)

Kiddo: ETC (Explode the Code a phonics book) and Math (if I can find her book)

Things that have to be done at home:

Dearie: Bible Bowl practice with me or on the computer, Piano, Science (the textbook is just too big to lug around) and Art.

Honey: Piano, Bible, AWANA (she works with me), Click N Read, DEL (developing the early learner, she does this with me), History, Science, Copy work (on the computer) and Vision Therapy (on the computer).

Kiddo: Bible, AWANA (she works with me), reading to mom, and handwriting (she needs to be at a desk). 

Honey and Kiddo both require a lot of my time, and Honey does a lot on the computer.  I guess that I am going to have to figure out a way to stay home more.


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