A website for making math worksheets.

I have found a great website for making math worksheets.   http://www.mathworksheetwizard.com/  Of course, I could make them myself, it’s not hard, it just takes time.  This website saves me time.  You can pick what numbers you want to focus on, and they have a couple of different formats to choose from.  Mostly it is a random number generator that prints out math problems. 

Honey is currently working on problems from the first grade arithmetic section.  She is doing problems that are under 10 (the answer is 9 or under),  and doubles and near doubles.  These worksheets provide her a little challenge without being overwhelming.  They are ‘Just Right.’   When her needs change, I can change the worksheets to meet her where she is.  A couple of weeks ago she was doing problems from the Kindergarten section, but she mastered them so quickly that I moved her up.  Homeschooling this child is a challenge (good thing I like a challenge), but it is so nice to be able to give her just what she needs.


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