Homeschooling in Real Life.

Around here, we use the term “real life” to refer to anything not pretend or imaginary.  So when I broke my arm a couple of years ago, the first think Honey said was, “In real life mom?”  Like I would make something like that up.  OK, now that we have all of our terms straight, let me tell you what homeschooling is like, in real life.

In real life, you take the day off of school to clean because another family is coming over in the afternoon and the house is a disaster.

In real life, the house is still looks pretty bad even though you cleaned all morning.

In real life, you ask the kids to clean off the hearth and when you come back 20 min. later, you don’t see any difference.

In real life, you ask your 5yo to put her clothes away, and when you check on her room it is totally wreaked because she wants to “organize” her clothes, so she took them all out of the dresser.

In real life, you find yourself screaming at the kids for not doing what they were asked to do.

In real life, school all too often doesn’t look like you want it to.

In real life, if you leave sisters alone for two seconds they will fight and argue and scream (unless they are playing well together then they won’t want to do what you want them to because they are “playing”)

In real life, a lot of things don’t make sense and are not fair.

Real life never looks like what you planned.

In real life,  homeschooled kids get to go out and build a snowman during the first real snowfall.

In real life, you get to read some of your favorite books to your kids all afternoon.

In real life, you can let your kids stay up late to hear the end of the book.

In real life, kids and moms get to drink hot chocolate after playing in the snow.

In real life, you get to listen yo your kids read to you. 

In real life, you get to spend a lot of time with your kids.


Just don’t ask how I know all of these things.


One Response to “Homeschooling in Real Life.”

  1. myownterms Says:

    Loved your post! “Real Life” is so not what we think it should be lol.

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