More Math Games

Honey really likes to play Chutes and Ladders.   Its a good thing, because we have been playing it a lot.  Today we worked on adding numbers to make 10.  This is important in mental math, because if you know that 6+4=10 then you can add 16+4 in your head.  You can also add 16 + 5 by thinking 16+4+1.    So the game we played today worked on putting numbers together to make 10.  So this is the way that we played it today: 

Add the rule that you can only move 10 at a time.

Roll all of the crazy dice that we have (10 sided dice, 4 sided dice, 20 sided dice, 6 sided dice with different combination of numbers on them, and every other die that I could find that had numbers printed on it.  I didn’t use any dice with dots on them.) 

Put the dice together in combinations that make 10.  If you can find three combinations that make 10, then you can move 30 spaces.    (I even let her use the 20 sided die and another die to add up to 20 and then move 20 spaces.)



We played this one a couple of times.  She enjoyed it.  It really seemed to help her work on those math facts that add up to 10.  She didn’t know them when we started, but by the end of the second game she did seem to know some.  I think that we will play this one again.


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