Organizing the Kitchen

I did not make any new years resolutions this year, but I did set a goal for January.  After reading the book “The House that Cleans Itself,”  I decided to tackle one room per month.  This month I am organizing the Kitchen.

The book is pretty cool.  It talks about how to change a room to fit the habits of the people who live there instead of trying to change the habits of the people.  (Of course you can only change the house so much, the people will have to change some too.)  In November, I converted the entryway the way that “The House that Cleans Itself” recommends.  It was pretty easy to do, but the entry way is the only room that the book walks you through.  “The House that Cleans Itself” does tell you how to figure out what to do in the other rooms, but you are much more on your own than in the first room.

So, I have been doing a lot of research on-line for ideas and solutions to problems that I have in the kitchen.  First I organized the pantry.  After I got rid of half of the cookbooks (don’t get too excited, I just put them in the basement), there was room for a snack basket as well as for all of the food I keep there.  I have some before and after pictures.





This is after I cleaned out the pantry:


I didn’t take everything out.  I left the things that are working for us now.  I keep onions, garlic, and potatoes in the bins, and the containers on top hold grains and pasta and beans and other stuff like that.

This is what the table looked like after I emptied the pantry:



And finally, the finished pantry:



Its been a couple of weeks since I finished the pantry, and it still looks pretty good.  I moved more than half of the books to the basement.  (I know that I should have gotten rid of them, but our diet has totally changed more than once.   Several times I have gone to books, that at one point I thought I would never use again, and found them very helpful.  So until I am sure that we will always eat the way we are now, I just can’t throw out any cookbooks.)  I also created a “snack shelf.”  It is a place to put snacks that the kids can get (with permission).   I also moved some of the food to the basement.  There is no reason to have multiples in prime space.  (We buy in bulk so it is often temping to just put everything in the pantry instead of in storage in the basement.)

I have also been working on the drawers and cabinets.  I will tell more about them in another post.  I am working on a solution to my 50 spice bottles.  Haven’t found it yet, but am working on it.  I will post about that after I figure it out.  (I know,  just get a turntable, but Dh HATES turntables.  I don’t know why but he does, so I am looking at other options.)  My goal is to have a Kitchen that cleans itself by the end of January.


3 Responses to “Organizing the Kitchen”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Have you thought about putting them in the little metal containers and then using magnetic strips to store them inside the door of the cabinet? I believe the tins come in many differnt sizes. You could also put some inside the pantry door. 🙂 I know that it would require a bit of an investment to begin with. You just need to make sure that the magnetic strip is powerful enough to hold a full tin. I got the idea from Alton Brown.

  2. hnracademy Says:

    I like that idea, but you know that if you hang ANYTHING on the door it will cause the door to become unbalanced and that will be a problem. At least that is what I am told by someone who has the power to veto any idea I have.

    I have found some things at amazon that might work. One is a turntable of spices, and the jars can automatically measure out the spices for you. The only problem is that it only holds 12 spices in the same space that I can put 50 in right now. Thats not going to work. I have also been looking at shelves that hold 18-24 bottles. (I counted 18 spices that I used last week, so I need at least that many.) It is frustrating to have a small kitchen, if it weren’t for the view….

    You know, maybe I could put the magnetic strip someplace else. I will have to think about that one.

  3. Jenny Says:

    line the side of the fridge with them, or will it unbalance the fridge? 🙂

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