Organizing the cabinets so that the girls can put things away.

As I have been thinking about how I use the kitchen and how the girls could help more, I realized that they don’t put dishes away because it is VERY difficult for them.  The dishwasher is under the cabinet were the most used dishes are kept.  When the dishwasher is open, there is no place to put a ladder where they can reach the cabinet.  In fact, the only way for them to put dishes away is for one girl to climb up on the counter and for another to hand dishes to her.  It doesn’t happen very often. 

There are only two low cabinets, and neither seem like a good place to store plates and cups and bowls.  That leaves the upper cabinets, but they can’t reach them.   Then I realized that with the ladder they can reach two cabinets, so I decided to put the plates and bowls there.  I put less used items over the dishwasher.  Now they can unload most of the dishes from the dishwasher and they can set the table without help.  This is a good thing!

The only bad thing is that Dearie is totally resisting change right now.  She keeps telling me how much she likes the old way.  I think that she has gotten too much MSG in the last few days and even though she has not had a headache, her behavior has taken a nose dive.  But that is a story for another post.

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