Wii Fit

We are still using our new Wii Fit.  I have only missed like one day in two weeks.  Now that I have most of the games unlocked, I am finding that it is not as exciting as before.  At first there was always something new to try, now it is all old stuff, but still fun enough to keep on exercising. 

Every day I try to do some warm up stuff (yoga, strength exercises), then about 30 min. of aerobics, then some cool down stuff (balance games).  For the aerobics, I do 10 min. of hula hoop, 10 min. of advanced step aerobics, and 10 min. of running.  I found a fun way to get through the running.  You are supposed to run in place, but our treadmill is in the same room as the Wii, so I just walk on the treadmill with remote in my pocket.  The Wii thinks that I am running, and I think walking fast is good enough!

The girls are still liking it too.  Honey likes to try the strength exercises and Kiddo is pretty good at Penguin slide (she beat me!)  Dearie likes hula hoop but has to be careful not to overdo it.  They all like to run, er I mean stand in the family room, er I mean sit on the couch and shake the remotes, LOL.  I figure that will get pretty boring pretty quickly, so I’m not worried about it for now. 

Overall, I think that the Wii Fit was a good investment for us.  I still wonder if it will turn out to be like the bread machine (I use it at least three times a week) or like the treadmill (I can’t remember the last time I used it before I started using it with the Wii).  I hope that it will be like the bread machine for us, I think it will.

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