When Mom is Sick!

I had a migraine today.  I get them every so often (once every couple of months), not often enough to medicate, but often enough to be a real nuisance!  Today, I thought that I might just work through it.  I thought that I could get through school, we are so behind were I want to be that I just can’t bear the thought of skipping another day.  The migraine started just before breakfast.  I got through breakfast, started dinner (in the crock pot), fed the rabbits, and CRASHED.  I told the girls that they could watch a movie, and I went to bed.  It was hard to not do school when we needed to get so much done, but what could I do? 

 I had thought about calling a friend who has volunteered to substitute for me, but when I thought about how much I just do (and don’t have written down), I realized that it would take a lot of effort from me to get her up to speed.  So, I quickly dismissed that idea.  I decided that I would just do whatever school I could when the migraine was over. 

I got up in time for lunch.  (Dearie made lunch!)  After lunch we started our morning school routine.  We did a whole day of school and finished up around 6:00pm.  No one seemed to mind too much.  I feel good that we managed to get in most of what I wanted  to get done, and I was able to take the time I needed to recover.  I know that it would not have been the end of the world if we had skipped school today.  I have done it a lot of times, too many in fact.  Enough that it is time to make school the priority in this house, and today it was a priority.  We did it even though it was not convienent. 

In other news, Dearie got an A on her science test.  I wasn’t sure how she would do since she started this unit before christmas, and just finished it today.  I am going to have her take a week off of the Apologia and watch a video that we got a few days ago.  It is a christian video about evolution.  It also has some really cool computer generated video of cells and DNA.  I enjoyed it and I think that she will too.  (Besides, anything is better than book work, right!)


One Response to “When Mom is Sick!”

  1. kelly Says:

    Your post reminds me of the definition someone once told me of responsibility. I often repeat it to myself through difficult days like what you just described.

    The definition: Doing what needs to be done, even when we don’t feel like it.

    My kids have heard that one over and over. Your right though, it wouldn’t be the end of the world…or your world…if you didn’t do school. But!!! I completely understand what you mean by making school a priority. Now that Kay is 7th gr. I really feel the pressure to be more consistant.

    Hope the migraine is gone for good…oh…and maybe we could video swap sometime…that science one sounds cool. I’ll give you a list later of ones we have.

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