I have a new bread machine!

It came today and I have already made the first loaf of bread.  I know that it usually takes a while to figure out the right recipe, but the first one I tried turned out pretty good.  I made a rather heavy loaf that is good for sandwiches, but tomorrow I am going to try to make a lighter fluffier loaf.  Dh likes his bread on the heavy side, but he doesn’t eat all of the bread (just most of it). 

I do like my new machine.  It is very quiet, so quiet that I forgot that it was running.  It did a better job at mixing up the dough, probably because of the two paddles (instead of just one).  It doesn’t have quite the flexibility of my old machine, I can’t set the baking temp. but it seems to work OK.  I am happy with it so far.


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