Still Working on the Kitchen


My goal of having a self-cleaning kitchen by the end of January is coming along nicely.  (I know that it won’t really clean itself, but anything that makes it easier…) 

I have new spice racks.  I picked a kind that has three drawers that you lay the bottles of spice in.  Each drawer pulls out when you need it and then you can slide the drawer back.   Each drawer can hold 9 spices (double that if they are the short bottles), so I got two. 


I put my most used spices in the bottom drawer and alphabetized the rest.  I wrote on the drawers with a wet-erase (visa-vis or overhead projector) marker.  If I want to change it, I just have to wash it off. 


So far, these are working great!  I no longer spend ten min. looking for a spice that I ‘know’ I have but can’t find.  The basket on the top shelf holds the extra bags of spices (I buy in bulk and then refill my bottles), jars of extracts, food coloring, and things that might leak if they were stored laying down. 

My new kitchen project is to keep the kitchen counter clear at all times.  The kids have been helping to load and unload the dishwasher (it is much easier for them since I rearranged the cabinets), and I am making a point not to leave anything on the counter.  Its only been two days on this goal, and Dh keeps pointing out other things that need to be cleaned and then saying, “But the kitchen is the priority right now.”  At least he gets it.  I still have one major cabinet and one more drawer to clean out and organize, but I think that I might reach my goal by the end of Jan.

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