Honey’s math is going much better these days.

I am transitioning Honey back into her math book.  She still doesn’t like the book, but she now CAN do the work.  Backing up and getting those facts down has worked wonders for her.  We still play a math game every day, and the bookwork is taking two days to do one lesson, but I am so pleased that she can actually do it now.  I was worried about the double digit addition.  Did she understand it, how hard would it be to teach it to her?  It turns out that she does seem to understand it, she just couldn’t do it because she didn’t know the basic facts. 

Chutes and Ladders is still our favorite game to play.  She likes it and it is so easy to turn it into a math lesson.  This week we have played it in these ways:

Use one 10 sided die (0-9) and double the number on the die to find out how far to move.  (More practice on doubles)

Use all the dice that you can find and add them up to find out how far to move.  (More practice on making tens.)

Use one 20 sided die (1-20) and make a rule of no counting spaces.  Every time you roll, you add the number that you rolled to the number that you are on.  The answer is where you move to.  We used magnetic numbers on a cookie sheet to work the problems.  There was a problem with this game though.  Some of the addition problems we rolled included renaming (carrying) and she has not been taught that.  I ended up working those problems for her, and we went on with the game.  When we do get to renaming, we will play this one again!

I don’t know if I will stick with this math program (Horizons) next year or not.  I don’t really like it for Honey, but I can make it work.  I am tempted to try Right Start, but it is so expensive, and Singapore is working for Kiddo, so there will be no one to pass it down to.  I have a few months before I need to decide, so I will leave that decision until then.

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