Was today a school day?

We don’t have to report days or hours to anyone (although we do promise to do provide 900 hours of instruction each school year), so I don’t know why I even think about this, but I always do.   When I think of a “school day,” I think of a day where we did our school schedule all day long.  If we don’t do our schedule, then its not a “school day,” right?  On the other hand, we did a lot of educational stuff today.  We went to co-op (the food kind not the home school kind) and the kids helped by playing with the little kids, and holding doors, and helping to sort stuff.  Then we came home and put the food away and read a story.  Its not a “school book.”  It is actually a book from last year for Dearie, and next year for Honey/Kiddo.  The book is about the Lipizzaner Horses and we will be going to see them soon, so of course we have to read the book.  Then we ate lunch and Honey did two pages in an easy workbook, and Dearie started sorting valentines for the exchange we participate in.  After that I read to Dearie and helped her study Bible Bowl.  Then we made snack and Dora came over and the kids have been making cars out of boxes. 

So…   no math, no reading, no LA, no science, it must not have been a school day.  (Where is that winking smilie when I need it?)


2 Responses to “Was today a school day?”

  1. kelly Says:

    On days like these, I just think about all that wasted time in the classroom when we were kids. You know, going to assemblies, fire drills, sitting through listening to other kids practice their poetry memorization, waiting on the teacher to look at my paper, lining up to go here or there…etc…

  2. hnracademy Says:

    You are so right!

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