Guess what Honey can do!

Yesterday, Honey and Dora were out riding their bikes in the court.  Honey came in and asked if she could ride out of the circle like Dora, I told her what I have told her before, “When you can ride without training wheels.”  She said, “Take off my training wheels!”  I didn’t have time then, but this morning I took them off for her.  Within 10 min. she was riding pretty well.  Now she is allowed to ride up to the next street.  (I can still see them by looking out the window.)  I am not surprised that Honey is doing so well, she has always seemed a natural at outdoor things.  (She isn’t always, but more often than not.)  She was just glowing with her success, but it quickly wore off when she came in and had to do her reading lesson.  It is hard, because she needs practice at this level, but she knows that it should be easy and she doesn’t want to work hard at something that should be easy.  I pushed though her desire to quit today, but it was hard.  I hope that she advances quickly.  It is not until they can read fun stuff that reading is fun and she is just not there yet.  Maybe I need to look into some Hi-Low readers.  They are designed to be an easy read about a subject that older kids would be interested in.  But, she is not really ready for readers yet, I don’t want to introduce any new sight words right now.  It would just give her more reason to try to memorize words rather than read the sounds that they make. 

The other fun thing that the girls did today was to play in the rain.  Honey was very disappointed that she couldn’t ride her bike this afternoon, but playing in the rain made up for some of that disappointment.


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