More Chutes and Ladders

We have been playing a lot of Chutes and Ladders lately.  It lends itself so easily to math games, and it is easy to get in a rut when everyone enjoys playing.  The girls and I all played tonight.  We used a 20 sided die and a 12 sided die.  Each person had to subtract the smaller number from the bigger and if both numbers were the same then you lose a turn.  It was fun playing with four people (maybe because I won, I rarely do). 

Honey is doing a lot better in math now.  She is doing one lesson a day in her workbook and we still have time to play a game or two.  The workbook is just introducing subtraction.  She has understood the concept for a long time and it is nice to see that she is converting her addition facts into subtraction facts.   4+4=8 so of course 8-4=4.  She is not quite automatic on all of her addition facts, so there is still some working out of the subtraction facts, but she is getting there.  I am adding in drilling of subtraction to our rotation of math games.  I do not want to have a repeat of the addition fiasco.

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