New Reading Game.

Edited to add pictures, scroll down.

As we work through the Reading Reflex book, we have hit the place where Honey is learning instead of reviewing.  She does not know what sound <sh> makes.  She does not know what letters represent the /sh/ sound.  Sh is good at guessing, but she does not really KNOW it.  So it is time to bring in more games.  Reading Reflex recommends introducing one sound at a time so this game will work on the new /sh/ sound and review the vowel sounds (I think that she still mixes them up sometimes). 

(My goal is to make this today, this is how I plan to make it.)

First I will draw a game board with 50-80 spaces on it.  Then I will print out small horse pictures (Enchanted learning is a good place to find little pictures.)  and glue them on the game board.  While the game board is still blank, I will cover it with clear contact paper (similar to laminating it).  Then I will fill in the spaces with the vowels and sh with a wet-erase (visa-vis/overhead) marker.  These do not smear or smell like dry erase markers do.  This way, when she gets this sound down, I can erase the board and put new sounds on it.  I have several blank dice, and I will write the vowels and sh and maybe a ‘go double’ on one. (Again using the wet erase marker.)   Each player will roll the die, and move their piece (I’m going to snag some horses from our manipulatives.  Honey is really into horses right now.)  to the next space that matches the die.  A roll of go double, means to roll again and move your piece to the second matching space.  With each roll, the player has to say the sound on the die, this is where the learning occurs, the game just keeps it fun.

I will post pictures after I have finished the game.  We have a busy day planned today, but I hope to find time to make this game and to play it with Honey.  I don’t think that I will let the other girls play.  Kiddo has these sounds down, and Honey does not need to be reminded of that.


Edited to Add pictures:


Honey decided to help with the making of the game board, so it has a lot more color than I would have done.  I don’t care a lot about how it looks as long as it works, Honey is the opposite.   After drawing the board, I added a river and grass and colored the path brown.  Honey used her horse stamps at the START and FINISH.

We have played it several times and I kept winning, even when I gave Honey a head start!  I guess that learning to lose with a good attitude can be added to our lessons for the day.  She did have some trouble with the /sh/ sound, but after several games was doing better.  It will be interesting to see how she does when we introduce /ch/.


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2 Responses to “New Reading Game.”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Why no u? I was just wondering. (Or, as my husband is constantly saying, “and sometimes y”). For some reason, he always has to get that in. 😉

  2. hnracademy Says:

    I wanted to practice the /sh/ sound, but needed filler sounds for the other spaces. There are only six spaces on the die and one was needed for ‘go double,’ one for /sh/, and that leaves four for vowels. Sorry u, but I had to leave one out. As she gets the /sh/ sound down, I will take out the other vowels and add /th/ and /ch/ and other more difficult sounds.

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