Over teaching.

This is what it is called when you teach a concept that a child has already learned.  Two years ago, I would have thought that it was a crazy concept.  That it was a total waste of time.  If a child ‘gets’ a subject, why do you have to keep going over it.  I chose curriculumthat covered topics in depth and then went on to the next topic.  Going over and over something only bores the child. 

…And then I started teaching child number two.  Yes there are children who do not need much review.  I have one two.  There are also children who get the concept the first time you present it, but not the details.  I have one of those too.  I suppose that there are also children who need multiple presentations to get the concept and then more to get the details.  I don’t have one of those. 

This revelation has given me a new respect for classroom teachers.  They have all kinds of kids in their classes.  How in the world do they teach them all without boring some and going right over the heads of others?  All of my kids get one on one time, I can’t even imagine how a classroom teacher does it. 

The latest example of this, in our home, is in teaching reading.  I thought that Honey knew the sounds of /ch/ and /sh/ and /th/.  I found that she didn’t, so I taught them to her and made a game to help her review them.  (The game from a couple of posts ago.)  She was doing well, and then we took a break for the weekend and she forgot which letters made which sounds.  She understands that there are three different sounds and that they are represented by three different combinations of letters (the concept), but she can’t remember which is which (the details).  Just today, she seemed to have them down again, but we are taking a three day weekend, and I’m afraid that she will forget by the time we get back to it.  Maybe I will play our game on Saturday so that the break is not so long.  So, I am over teaching this concept.  I will teach it and review it and go over it until she has it down cold.  We did this with math facts and with memory verses and it worked well, it will work this time too.  I just need to learn some patience.


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One Response to “Over teaching.”

  1. kelly Says:

    Homeschooling certainly stretches our ideas and concepts of things doesn’t it. I must admit, I’m still working on the patience thing….some days I just want to say ARGHHHH and UGHHHHH!!! Oh well, it is a learning process for us all.

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